Twitter – How To Use It

Why You Should Be Using Twitter

When you first begin blogging, the Internet suddenly becomes a huge place- there is so much to read, to see, to link up to and join into.

After a short while blogging, most of us become comfortable giving and receiving comments, and joining up to various memes as a way to get our blogs out there and boost our readership.

But, despite slipping into the blogging community, there are many newbie bloggers who are just terrified of Twitter.

I know, because I was one.

A few months into blogging, the siren songs of Twitter begin getting a bit too much to resist. It seemed like all the successful bloggers were active on Twitter, and that was where news traveled fast and bloggers me other bloggers and slipped into larger social media circles.

Other bloggers kept telling me I had to get on Twitter, it was the only place to be- and fantastic for blog traffic.

But, really- I was spending so much time online, and on my blog, as it was. I couldn’t afford the time it would eat up, taking up yet another Web-based activity. And besides that, Twitter was confusing, intimidating and nothing like FaceBook.

Of course, I eventually succumbed to the little blue bird. I’m now a fully fledged Twitter addict, and it has been brilliant for my blog. So, I thought I’d share with you…


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Stuff I Know About Twitter.

Yep, it confusing. But hey, so was Facebook. And not to mention blogging. Don’t give up- a week or two of frying your mind with RT’s, FF’s and @replies, and I promise it will click with an almost audible clack.

At first, you’ll be putting out and getting nothing back. Again, just like blogging. It’s frustrating, demoralizing and can be bad for your self-esteem. But, once again- give it time. Before long, you’ll find a group of tweeps who are, awesomely, just like you.

Follow Back. It’s just polite to follow back real people, or relevant businesses. Your twitter stream gets more and more interesting, the more people you follow.

Don’t Be Afraid. To retweet something if you like it, even if you don’t ‘know’ the Tweep who wrote it, as such. And don’t be afraid to Tweet stuff yourself, be it links, photos, opinions or just plain waffling. That’s what Twitter is for.

But Don’t Be Selfish. If you only Tweet links to your own blog, be it once or fifteen times a day, no one will pay any attention to you, and at worst you’ll get unFollowed in droves. Share the love and Tweet about what interests you.

Play Nice and Be Social. Be polite- thank for retweets and respond to replies. Don’t be shy- it’s OK to ‘Tweavesdrop’ and reply to other people’s tweets and conversations, whether you know them or not. That’s how you find like-minded and interesting Tweeps to follow. And if people didn’t want others in our their conversations, they’d either direct message each other or protect their Tweets altogether, so only their Followers can see them.

Trust me, the blue twitter is not as scary as you think. In fact, Twitter can be exhilarating, interesting and quite addictive.

So.. what are you waiting? Sign up, jump in… and get Tweeting!